BRIGHTON, Utah (ABC4) – The Brighton Town Council has passed an ordinance that will fine those parked illegally within the city $150, according to the Unified Police Dept.

Unified Police say that over the past several years, canyons in the area have grown increasingly popular, resulting in more vehicles on the roads and parking issues.

“The numerous parked cars on the public roadway in and around the Town of Brighton block roads and private driveways, and hamper or prevent emergency vehicle access,” a press release states.

Police say these issues also create significant safety concerns for pedestrians and vehicles navigating Brighton roads.

“As a result,” the release states, “the Brighton Town Council has passed an ordinance allowing a civil notice of violation to be issued to these vehicle owners.”

The fine for illegal parking in Brighton will now be $150, with violations processed by the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District. Any vehicles parked on private roads will reportedly be towed at the owner’s expense.

Mayor Dan Knopp states, “We are not doing this for revenue. We are trying to encourage people to do the right thing. We make travel hard and potentially put lives in danger when vehicles are parked in the roadway.”

Brighton, the Utah Department of Transportation, and Unified Police are reportedly teaming up to educate visitors to the canyons prior to enforcement, and on Dec. 7, police began issuing “warning notices” to those in violation of the ordinance.

This warning and educational period will last until next week, at which point, “enforcement action begins,” a release states.

“The town is hopeful that the public will realize the dangerous parking issues and will cooperate by either parking safely or using public transportation,” said Councilwoman for the Town of Brighton Carolyn Keigley. “We don’t want to issue large fines or tow cars, but safety is our top priority.”