TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) — A yearlong feud between neighbors led to a man in the hospital with a gunshot wound on Friday.

According to police records, Brandon Martinez, 24, was charged Monday after shooting his neighbor in the leg.

Martinez was charged with one count of aggravated assault-serious bodily injury, one count of mayhem, and one count of felony discharge of a firearm with injury. A count of mayhem means that Martinize unlawfully and intentionally disabled, or rendered useless, a member of the victim’s body.

On Feb. 24, just before 11:30 p.m., Martinez entered the victim’s trailer home without knocking, in “an attempt to settle their differences,” the arrest report stated.

After Martinez’s apparent effort to reconcile, witnesses said he left the victim’s home and went over to a friend’s trailer home nearby, the report stated. However, the victim followed Martinez to the trailer home and began to argue with him.

According to the report, a mutual friend attempted to stop the argument by separating the victim and Martinez. However, this did not stop the fight. Martinez allegedly pulled out a black handgun and shot the victim in the lower part of his left leg.

Martinez fled the scene on foot and hid at another trailer home, police records state. The officers located Martinez and took him, and his Glock 43X 9mm handgun, into custody.

According to the records, Martinez told police he felt threatened by the size of the victim, and by how upset he was. He told police that he specifically aimed low to hit him in the leg, and admitted to fleeing the scene.

Medical staff reported to the police that the victim may lose his lower leg due to the gunshot wound.