SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — “When it comes to haunting, there’s no such thing as too much.”

This is according to America Haunts, who named Salt Lake City’s “Nightmare on 13th” as the nation’s third-best over-the-top haunted attraction.

“Beyond the imposing castle gates with three formidable turrets lies a fortress of fright, America Haunts wrote. “This immersive, intense haunted attraction piles on the scares, offering thirteen world-class themed nightmares on a single ticket for an unpredictable scare adventure.”

Nightmare on 13th, originally “The Institute of Terror Haunted House,” opened in 1990. It has since grown into a world-renowned haunted attraction.

Nightmare on 13th reportedly ushers in new themes and sets each season in order to raise the terror bar — “all in the name of frightful fun,” according to its website.

For Nightmare on 13th, America Haunts suggested preparing for “heart-pounding surprises, unexpected twists and turns, and interactive walls that bring the best of scaring to life in this kingdom with an unyielding grip on terror fun.”

America Haunts is a self-proclaimed “haunt industry powerhouse,” and said raising the haunt bar is about satisfying the “insatiable appetite of scare enthusiasts.” It called Nightmare on 13th the gold standard, saying they set and shattered benchmarks.

Going over the top, America Haunts said, means pushing the boundaries of fear and exceeding haunt industry standards by deploying more actors, animatronics, cutting-edge technology, perfectly-timed frights and illusions, expansive sets, and more — all to create the ultimate scare experience — and Nightmare on 13th reportedly makes the cut.