SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A preview for the season finale of The Last of Us that aired Sunday night alluded to the final episode taking place in Salt Lake City.

The Last of Us is an HBO original show based on a popular video game by the same name. It’s about people fighting in a world where a parasitic fungal infection took over. The infection causes people to behave like zombies, hyper-aggressive, and incapable of reason or rational thought.

The show focuses on Joel and Ellie, who have avoided the infection and are fighting to create a safe place without the infection in it.

The season finale preview, episode nine, alluded to the final episode taking place in Salt Lake City.

In the trailer, it shows Joel and Ellie starting a trek to Salt Lake City, but it’s not the Salt Lake City you know, but some post-apocalyptic version. You see cars and buildings covered in plants and dirt as if they had been untouched by humans for years.

It appears that Ellie and Joel are heading there to meet up with a group of Fireflies, a revolutionary militia group that may be able to create a cure for the infection.

According to a wiki fandom written about the video game, The Last of Us, Salt Lake City is the last location that Joel and Ellie journey to in order to find the Fireflies in The Last of Us.

The wiki fandom also outlines why it became such a notable place in The Last of Us video game. It states that when the outbreak began in 2013, Salt Lake City was converted into a quarantine zone by the military.

“Look at that… Another city, another abandoned quarantine zone,” Joel said in the video game while entering Salt Lake City.

The Last of Us episode nine will premiere at 7 p.m. MST on Sunday, March 12. You can watch The Last of Us on HBO Max.