CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — A 19-year-old motorcyclist reached speeds of 140 miles per hour while fleeing from law enforcement from Centerville to South Salt Lake on Monday, according to a Davis County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

The suspect, identified as Spencer Leland, faces an infraction charge of speeding and a third-degree felony charge of failure to respond to an officer’s signal to stop.

A deputy with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office said he saw Leland on a black bullet bike traveling in the I-15 HOV lane at a “high rate of speed,” near Parrish Lane in Centerville. The deputy said he began following Leland and noted they were traveling at 99 mph before he turned on his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop.

“At this time, the rider looked over his shoulder at me, then looked forward and accelerated to a high rate of speed,” the deputy wrote in the booking affidavit. “At this time, it was obvious that the rider was actively fleeing.”

The deputy chose not to chase the biker and put out a description before pulling over on the right shoulder and waiting several minutes. When the deputy returned to the roadway he said he was “obeying all traffic laws.”

Several moments later, a trooper south of the deputy’s location said the biker had been spotted traveling southbound on I-15 at about 140 mph. A trooper later notified the deputy that Leland had been detained in South Salt Lake, near 250 East and 3300 South.

Leland allegedly admitted to police that he had fled from an officer. When the Davis County Sheriff’s deputy arrived, Leland reportedly agreed to speak to him after being read his Miranda Rights.

“I then proceeded to ask if [Leland] had seen me, in which he stated yes,” reported the deputy. “[Leland] informed that he did not stop due to being scared. During our conversation, [Leland] stated that he was traveling at 105 mph prior to me initiating the traffic stop.”

Leland was booked into the Davis County Jail on the above charges and his bike was reportedly impounded by Utah Highway Patrol.

Charges are allegations only. All arrested persons are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.