WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) — The 17-year-old teen, who allegedly shot three Millcreek men in a gang-related attack, has been charged with murder today.

On July 23, 2022, around 10:45 p.m., four boys were allegedly involved in shooting Fayzan Ali, 18, Ayash Mohamed, 18, and Mohamed Mohamed, 20, while leaving a house party in West Jordan. According to witnesses, the suspects were driving in a white Cadillac when they allegedly shot Ali, A. Mohamed, and M. Mohamed.

Steven Carmona, one of the four boys involved in the shooting, was charged as an adult today with three counts of first-degree murder and eight counts of 3rd-degree felony discharge of a firearm.

A few hours after the incident, West Jordan Police officers found a white Cadillac sedan matching the description of the suspects’ car near Carmona’s apartment. When police searched the car, they found a 9 mm handgun in his backpack.

After a gun analysis was completed by the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services, they found that the bullet recovered from Fayzon’s body was fired from the 9mm handgun found in Carmona’s backpack.

A review of the suspect’s social media reveled that Carmona and the other two suspects were traveling together in his white Cadillac before, during, and after the victims were shot. They also found images of the other two suspects holding the gun found in the backpack a few days before.

During the investigation, they uncovered messages between Carmona and the other suspects asking who “the homies from the spot” were, in which one suspect responded by sending images of the three men who were killed, as well as photos of other gang members involved in the same gang as the victims. 

In January, in a different incident involving one of the suspects, a .45 caliber handgun was seized. According to the police report, in an interview with a witness, they said that the .45 caliber handgun the suspect possessed was “linked” to the triple homicide and that the suspect got it from another gang member, who the witness claimed was a shooter in the triple homicide case.

Forensic testing was conducted by the firearms section of the State Crime Lab between the .45 caliber handgun seized from the suspect and the .45 caliber bullets and casings found at the scene of the triple homicide. Officials said the casings were identified as from the same gun that was seized by the suspect.

According to the police report, the barrel of the pistol was modified to prevent other ballistic comparisons.

The three others allegedly involved, ages 15, 15, and 16, were charged in juvenile court with the same crimes.