TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — A head-on crash in Taylorsville left two cars mangled and three people trapped with injuries Saturday morning, according to United Fire Authority.

Crews responded to the scene just before 5:20 a.m. on March 18, where an SUV and a smaller sedan had been involved in a car accident.

UFA says the damage to both vehicles, as well as the critical condition of those inside, made it particularly hard to get the individuals out.

The situation presented multiple obstacles for their crews, UFA states, as fire personnel are required to attend to the patients’ immediate injuries and medical needs while also trying to get them out of the vehicle. “The requirement to remove the patients from the car as soon as possible while reducing the risk of further injury is one of the toughest challenges,” UFA states.

Due to the situation, specialized heavy rescue personnel were called in, who used “Jaws of Life” extrication equipment to get the critically injured patients out of the vehicles.

Another aspect of the scenario is reportedly managing the patients’ pain. “Our Paramedics focus on keeping the patient’s vital signs stable while effectively treating their immediate pain. This can be particularly challenging when the patient is trapped in a vehicle and may not be able to receive medication or other treatments until they are extricated, or access to the patient has been made,” UFA states.

All three patients were successfully extricated and taken to nearby hospitals via ground ambulance and helicopter, according to UFA.

Two are in critical condition while the third is considered stable.

No further information is available at this time.