TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – After being placed on the verge of closure, the Taylorsville Food Pantry will be kept open indefinitely, said city officials on Wednesday.

The food pantry has been picked up by members of the Intermountain Baptist Church. The Taylorsville Food Pantry will be managed and operated by church, which has been serving the Taylorsville area with food distribution since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Taylorsville City Officials, the church’s volunteer experience, in conjunction with city support, has allowed the pantry to remain open and continue to provide food assistance to those in need.

The Taylorsville Food Pantry was managed and operated for many years by a local nonprofit called Tri-Park Services. In 2022, City officials said Tri-Park organizers and staff determined they wouldn’t be able to maintain the efforts to run the food pantry.

The Taylorsville city administration reportedly teamed up with the Utah Food Bank to begin considering options to keep the food pantry open. Through collaborative efforts, the two were able to find the Intermountain Baptist Church, another local organization, to take over.

The pantry is now open on Saturday mornings. Exact hours of operations including times and days per week will be solidified in the coming weeks as Tri-Park Services completes the ownership transfer to the Intermountain Baptist Church.