TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — An employee at a 7-Eleven in Taylorsville was arrested Monday for reportedly stealing nearly $8,000 from the company.

Marc Anthony Marrero, 27, was arrested for a pattern of unlawful activity and theft by deception, both second-degree felonies. Marrero allegedly loaded pre-paid cards for himself with money.

Taylorsville Police were notified of Marrero’s theft by the general manager. The manager said Marrero has been stealing from the company for the “past little while.”

While Marrero was behind the counter by himself, he would allegedly load the pre-paid cards to use. The manager said he never put money in the cash till to pay for them.

The total amount that Marrero stole was allegedly $7,500 dollars worth of transactions. He reportedly did this in 18 separate transactions over the span of 11 days.

Marrero claimed he would always put cash in the register for the upload of the card. He quit his job at 7-Eleven following the incidents.