HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4) — Olympus High School in the Granite School District was temporarily placed on lockdown on Tuesday morning, Sept. 5.

School officials said the lockdown was due to a “suspicious circumstance” between students on the high school campus. According to a statement from the Granite School District, there was never a direct threat to students or the campus and the lockdown was precautionary in nature.

Police have reportedly detained a “student of interest” following the lockdown.

“Students are being given an alternate schedule for the rest of the day,” Granite School District said. “School is proceeding as normal otherwise. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to keep our students safe.”

Details on what the circumstance was have not been released. Olympus High School Principal Jennifer Christiensen will reportedly send parents more information “within the next couple of hours.”

Lockdowns are typically reserved for when there is a potential threat on a school campus. During a lockdown, all exterior and interior doors are locked. A lockdown secures campus and limits potential harm to students by protecting them within a classroom.

Schools may also choose to follow a “Lockout” protocol where only the exterior doors are locked. During a lockout, there may be a potential threat to the school but not immediately on campus. This protocol would limit the threat from getting into the school and classes can resume as normal inside the building.