SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A group of landowners in Summit County have filed to incorporate a new town with the Lt. Governor’s Office on Tuesday, May 2.

The new town is currently referred to as “West Hills” and is located just west of Kamas and east of Hideout along State Road 248. The name isn’t finalized yet. The group of residents, landowners, and farmers said it will have a vote for an official name if the town is incorporated.

Highlighted boundaries for West Hills
Highlighted boundaries for West Hills (Courtesy of West Hills Cooperative)

If incorporated, the town residents would be able to elect their own local officials and create ordinances specific to the town.

According to West Hill’s website, residents believe incorporating the new town will encourage growth while giving residents flexibility over the land, such as preserving it for open spaces.

“We have all felt the pain as Summit County grows and real estate prices continue to rise,” said West Hills landowner Ted Bauman in a statement. “It’s the right time for locals to have a say on how to balance growth and preserve the valley’s beauty.

The new town will reportedly create additional land use rights, allowing residents to use, sell, transfer to family, or donate land as open space for aesthetic and tax benefits. The group filing for incorporation said revenue for the town’s infrastructure and services will be generated from construction permit fees, the sale of unissued land rights, and other methods.

West Hills website said the group has gathered the required amount of signatures to petition for incorporation and has met with the Lt. Governor’s Office on multiple occasions to make sure they are following procedure.

The Lt. Governor’s Office will conduct a feasibility study within the next 90 days to determine if the town can be done successfully.