SOUTH JORDAN, Utah(ABC4)– Oquirrh Lake in South Jordan poses a threat to children and dogs according to South Jordan Fire Department.

“Stay aware from the shoreline, and KEEP OFF THE ICE,” the Daybreak association said in an email sent to community members Friday.

In a video linked in the email, South Jordan Fire Chief Chris Wright gives some lake ice safety tips and information.

  • Don’t play on or around the ice for any reason, it’s very dangerous
  • The ice is deceivingly thin
  • The water is below 30 degrees
  • If you fall in, you have a minimum of three to five minutes before you start to succumb to
    • A cold shock which includes
      • Hyperventilation
      • A heart rate increase
      • Drop in blood pressure
      • Going numb
      • Getting lethargic
      • Not being able to keep yourself afloat

According to Wright, it is very easy to drown in cold water, especially when you have to try to get over the thick shelf of ice you have broken when you fall in.

As in the video, Daybreak Community Association warns kids and dogs to stay away from the ice.

“It has come to our attention that, in the past 48 hours, dogs and children have been found on the ice. The ice is fragile and can break easily, especially with warming temperatures.” It stated, “We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone found on the ice.”

To watch the Lake Ice Safety video, watch it on Daybreak Community Association’s Youtube channel.