SNOWBASIN, Utah (ABC4) – A man skiing at Snowbasin over the weekend died after colliding with a snowboarder, officials said.

Weber Fire District Deputy Chief David Reed told ABC4 they received a call about an 82-year-old man involved in a ski collision while visiting Snowbasin on Saturday, April 22. The man reportedly collided with a snowboarder and was unconscious.

The snowboarder — the only witness to the crash — said he saw the man but there was plenty of room between the two when “he came out of nowhere.” When the snowboarder checked on the man, he said he found him unconscious and called ski patrol.

First responders reportedly started CPR and began to transport him. Advanced life support was used and a helicopter was called the take the man off the mountain. Shortly after, medics confirmed the man was “beyond help,” and decided not to transport him.

Deputy Chief Reed said officials don’t know if the man had a medical event that caused the collision or what the official cause of death was. Authorities are currently awaiting an autopsy report to determine what happened.

According to Reed, officials said the snowboarder did not do anything wrong, and he was the one who was hit by the skier. The snowboarder was not seriously injured in the collision.

Snowbasin Resort said it was heartbroken by the loss of the skier and offered condolences to all involved.

No additional information has been provided at this time.