FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – Over the holiday weekend, the Farmington Police Department added to its squad by naming a new director of emotional and mental wellness.

According to a Facebook post made by the department, Santa dropped a surprise to the department, a cute dog named Snoop. The department quickly recognized Snoop’s potential and named him director of emotional and mental wellness.

“I am confident he will bring a calm and needed balance to our officers and smiles to all our visitors,” the Farmington Police Department said in its post.

According to Farmington PD, Snoop will be taken home by one of the officers every night until he is big enough and well-trained enough to stay at the police department year-round. According to the department, Snoop will have plenty of company even at night with officers in and out of the department all day every day.

Visitors are invited to stop into the department and meet Snoop starting on Tuesday, Dec. 27.