LEHI, Utah (ABC4) — A woman in the Traverse Mountain area is seeking out a student named Katie who left a Sadie Hawkins Dance invite on her porch by mistake.

Lehi resident Laurice Marier posted on social media on Monday asking if anyone recognized a dance invite poster left on her porch and could help her find the girl who left it. The navy blue poster read “I’ve BEAN meaning to ask you, wanna go to Sadies? – Katie” and had jelly beans and cans of beans surrounding it.

Marier said she doesn’t have anyone in her household of Junior High or High School age.

She said she took everything into the house to protect it from the rain and checked around the neighborhood “with no luck.” She also posted on social media and shared it in the Lehi City Citizens public group on Facebook.

“I feel bad for Katie . . . does anyone know her?” Marier wrote on the post. “I’m just trying to avoid her heartbreak because she won’t receive an answer from her intended recipient.”

On Tuesday, Marier said she had still not been able to contact the student and asked others to help share the information.

Marier said the student may be from Lehi High School as they have an upcoming Sadie Hawkins Dance in early November. Anyone with information should reach out on Facebook to Marier or inform the student she left it on the wrong doorstep.