SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Since the Starbucks Workers United first started in Buffalo, New York, last fall more than 200 other stores across the nation have voted to unionize.

Two Starbucks locations in Utah have become some of the most recent stores calling for change. Many stores are calling for better pay, better benefits, and guaranteed schedule hours.

The most recent Starbucks to unionize is located on 400 E. and 400 S. in Salt Lake City just a month after the Cottonwood Heights location voted to unionize

ABC4 spoke with Jacob Lawson the shift supervisor at Starbucks in Cottonwood Heights.

“Everybody at the store has a different reason for wanting to unionize,” said Lawson. “This isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s taken a lot of planning and we ultimately want to change the company for the better.”

One thing Lawson hopes to implement in his store is what’s called Hero Pay. “If somebody doesn’t show up to work the work they were scheduled for doesn’t disappear,” said Lawson. “We want to be able to split that employees pay among the workers who had to step up so somebody could earn an extra two or three dollars per hour for their shift.”

Many stores that have voted to unionize have mentioned CEO Howard Schultz and his recent announcement to implement a better benefits program for Starbucks employees, but not for those that are unionizing.

“We do not have the same freedom to make these improvements at locations that have a union or where union organizing is underway,” Schultz said on a conference call with shareholders.

The improved benefits will include improved pay, expanded training, improved sick leave and credit card tipping.

The benefits are scheduled to be implemented on August 1 this year. There is no guarantee yet if these benefits will be offered to every store.

Starbucks employees will be holding a rally tomorrow, May 6, along 400 E. and 400 S. in Salt Lake City.