MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah (ABC4) — Lots of rooftop snow is causing roof collapses in Mountain Green, with two occurring in the last 24 hours, says Mountain Green Fire Protection District.

The second roof collapse reportedly occurred on the garage of a home on Gordon Creek Dr. Likewise, the prior collapse also occurred on the garage of a Mountain Green home due to heavy snow.

Fire personnel responded to the scene of the second collapse on Friday to see the roof had caved in, and firefighters promptly controlled the natural gas, electricity, and water at the residence.

Mountain Green Fire says the sole occupant of the home had self-evacuated and was safe upon firefighters’ arrival.

With the assistance of firefighters, the resident was able to enter the structure to retrieve “important medications and electronics,” Mountain Green Fire states.

Firefighters reportedly wore snowshoes and took gas readings at the home to fully assess the damage. “The residence was deemed too dangerous to inhabit by District firefighters,” Mountain Green Fire states.

No further information is available at this time.