SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Someone with a good sense of humor has deemed the old Sears demolition site as the “Sears Lake Seagull Preserve” on Google Maps as the site has filled with water due to this year’s wet weather.

The site of the demolished Sears building in Salt Lake City, situated between State St. and 900 S, has turned into a large pond this spring. The “pond,” fenced off to foot traffic, has been attracting seagulls to the area, inspiring someone online to rename the site and categorize it as a wildlife refuge.

The supposed new tourist attraction was found and posted on social media on Tuesday, Apr. 25, and has attracted lots of attention from locals who know the old Sears site well. The post has already garnered nearly 6,000 views on Twitter.

The ‘refuge’ has nearly a five-star rating and reviews praising it as a fun place for families, even being dubbed a “cultural hot spot of Salt Lake City.”

The Sears building was demolished in late 2022.