SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – An officer with the Salt Lake City Police Department faces charges after allegedly slapping a coworker’s butt in the workplace.

Jeffrey Loosle, 52, faces two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery.

The woman was standing next to a table while attending a training session in May when she reportedly “felt a hard slap on her butt, which jolted her body,” according to the court documents.

The documents say the woman turned around and made direct eye contact with Loosle with no one else around. The woman said she was slapped again on the butt with an “unknown object,” court documents report.

The woman reportedly confronted Loosle the next day with another colleague, allegedly saying that Loosle did not deny slapping her butt because he “needed to get her attention.”

Loosle reached out to the woman’s husband about a week later to apologize, allegedly admitting to smacking her with a boxing glove, saying he thought she “was one of the guys,” according to court documents.

A detective with the Unified Police Department reportedly spoke to Loosle after the incident. The court documents say Loosle was sitting near the table alone and the woman was nearby talking to someone. Loosle reportedly said he wanted to “add his opinion to the conversation,” and reached out with the boxing glove to get the woman’s attention.

According to Loosle in the court documents, he attempted to touch her arm but the boxing glove “went limp” and he was unsure where it touched her. Loosle also allegedly admitted reaching out to the woman’s husband to “tell his side of the events.”