SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall announced the emergency demolition of four unsafe houses on Major Street that kept catching on fire on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

The properties had caught on fire four separate times since Nov. 27, with the latest incident happening just last Saturday, Dec. 10.

Mendenhall said the city sent an emergency order notice to the owner this morning with a 10-day response period. If the owner does not hire a contractor to demolish the houses within those 10 days, the city will do it and hold them liable for all associated costs.

“This is years of egregious states of disrepair in all four buildings, years of dilapidation and unsafe conditions,” she said.

The mayor added that the city’s civil enforcement team has been fining the owner on a daily basis for a year due to several code violations. The fines amount to about $50,000 in total.

“If these structures, which have for too long posed a liability to our neighborhood, are not gone by Dec. 23, the city will take the action it needs to keep the neighborhood safe,” Mendenhall said.

This demolition order comes after residents in Ballpark sent in multiple requests with the city to take action against the dilapitated houses.

“We need a policy solution for vacant and boarded homes that doesn’t require 5 five fires in two weeks and a community campaignm,” said Amy Hawkins, chair of the Ballpark Community Council. “There have been serious problems at these properties for a long, long time. The fires were just the most visible.”