SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A man was arrested on Christmas for physically attacking an apartment resident and putting him in a chokehold, according to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Sherome Bradshaw, 59, is facing a second-degree felony charge for kidnapping and a class B misdemeanor charge for assault.

The affidavit states that Bradshaw has been “consistently” assaulting tenants of his building and people in public. On top of that, he reportedly has a “countless history of aggravated assaults, assaults, sexual assaults” and similar violent behavior.

On Dec. 25, SLCPD officers responded to a report of an assault in progress in an apartment building near the 160 block of 300 East. According to the probable cause document, police got in touch with the victim who said that Bradshaw told him he was “not supposed to be here” as he was walking out of an elevator to get back to his apartment unit.

Bradshaw allegedly pushed the victim back into the elevator and told him to follow him to the lobby. After shoving him through the doors of the lobby, Bradshaw grabbed the victim around the neck with his arm and dragged him through the vestibule in a chokehold. Then, he threw the victim out the doors of the apartment building.

Police reviewed video surveillance of the apartment which reportedly corroborated the victim’s statements.

The victim allegedly had redness on his neck, the affidavit states, and the clerk of the apartment came forward as a witness of the incident.

Officers went to Bradshaw’s apartment unit, but he would not answer the door and was yelling through the door instead. Police later arrested him when they saw him walking on the street. The affidavit describes Bradshaw as having been “very confrontational” during his arrest, saying that he would be released because “the judge had let him out many times before.”

Bradshaw was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on the charges previously stated.