SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Freezing temperatures are pushing one Salt Lake City homeless shelter to the brink to help get people off the streets and into their warm facility, and now they’re asking the public for help.

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake Assistant House Manager Kurtis Ray said the shelter is watching growing numbers of people show up, and they’re struggling to meet the demands of caring for so many people.

Ray said he used to live on the streets of Salt Lake City, and he understands what the people in the shelter are enduring.

“There are just no words for what they are going through,” Ray said. “We offer a day room where people can hang out during the day,” Ray said. “While they are here, we offer them three hot meals. They appreciate a hot meal, especially in this cold weather.”

Not only does the Rescue Mission try to bring people inside, but they also go into homeless camps to provide aid, bringing coats, gloves, and tools to people to help them survive the cold. According to the state, more than 3,500 Utahns experience homelessness each night, and nationwide, more than a half million Americans are experiencing some form of homelessness. 

Ray says he is grateful for the Rescue Mission giving him a second chance to help others. 

Visit the Rescue Mission’s “How to Donate” page if you would like to help donate or if you need assistance.