SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Work on the Salt Lake City International Airport reached a new milestone with the completion of “Phase 2” of the airport’s redevelopment.

Salt Lake City officials said the now-completed Concourse A will help Salt Lake City travelers on Delta flights have a more seamless journey, without the need to bus fliers on the hardstand to board their flights.

Delta Air Lines, which calls the Salt Lake City International Airport a western hub, is now fully equipped at the airport with 47 gates on Concourse A and 3 overflow gates on Concourse B. Managing Director of Delta’s SLC Operations Adam Ryan said the opening is a great day in the grand scheme of the airport’s redevelopment.

“It means anywhere from 38 to 50 fewer flights a day out on the hardstand and almost 4,000 more customers a day that we get to keep on Concourse A. It’s keeping a seamless experience as they travel through Salt Lake City,” said Ryan. “The good thing is as our customers come through security, their gates are all right here on Concourse A.”

The ribbon cutting for the new section of terminals took place early Tuesday morning and was commemorated with a 6:44 a.m. Delta flight to Atlanta. Aside from keeping almost all Delta fliers from the long trek to Concourse B, the newly opened section includes several new concessions and shops for airport visitors.

“The airport experience is no longer just about getting some fast food you can get anywhere. It’s about experiencing the place that you’re landing,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “A lot of folks that come through this airport every single day never leave the doors. So we want to bring Salt Lake City here in the airport.”

The new gates have several local restaurants such as Red Rock and Blue Iguana, as well as beverage locations such as Hugo Coffee Roasters and Millcreek Coffee Roasters. The Utah Jazz are represented as well with a team store. Mendenhall said the airport expansion is a reflection of the city’s growth and that travelers were going to be pleased with the new Salt Lake City.

Ryan said the new expansion was completed just in time. The holidays are around the corner and Delta Air Lines are expecting the usual rise in travelers. Add in the usual snowbird tourists looking to get a taste of the “Greatest Snow on Earth” on Utah’s mountains and it means there will be a lot of passengers traveling through the airport.

“This is the time of the year when you don’t want to be ramp loading as we start thinking about winter weather coming our way,” said Ryan. “Then with peak holiday travel as well as ski season here in Utah, we will be able to provide that premium experience for our customers on the A Concourse.”

In addition to the several new amenities and “seamless” Delta travel, the new terminals continue the airport’s art theme. Three flying machines by Utah artist Dennis Smith hang at the far end of Concourse A-east and the four new restrooms each have a unique “Whimsy Wall” designed by local artists Brianna Benion, Trent Call, Levi Jackson and Whitni Jo Parry.

The reconstruction of the Salt Lake City Aiport has been a long time in the making. Ground broke on the terminal redevelopment in 2014 and Phase 1 was completed three years ago in 2020. So far, the airport has opened a new parking garage, a central terminal and the west end of concourses A and B.

The former airport has also been completely demolished and construction has begun on Phases 3 and 4.

“The completion of Phase 2 highlights another remarkable milestone in the New SLC Redevelopment Program,” Salt Lake City Department of Airports Executive Director Bill Wyatt said. “Thanks to the dedicated workers who have spent numerous days and nights to ensure these gates and concessions would open today.”

The Salt Lake City International Airport also announced it would be taking applications for retail spacing in the future opening of Concourse B-east. The first five gates are expected to open in Fall 2025 with the remaining 11 opening a year later. Applications can be submitted through the Salt Lake City government website.