PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — The driver accused of killing two individuals in a road rage incident on June 4 appeared in court today.

Peterson Drew Matheson, 30, of Eagle Mountain has been charged with two counts of manslaughter (second-degree felony), two counts of negligently operating a vehicle resulting in death (second-degree felony), reckless driving (class B misdemeanor), following too close (infraction), and failure to stay in one lane (infraction).

During the preliminary trial, the state called four witnesses. Three of whom were in the area on the day of the accident and a police detective from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

The accident occurred during an incident involving Matheson and the driver of a Nissan Maxima, while trying to merge onto Eagle Mountain Drive in Utah County.

According to witnesses, Matheson tried to pass the Nissan at a merge area and the driver of the sedan cut him off. Matheson continued driving on the shoulder and made contact with the Nissan at least twice before losing control and falling back behind the Nissan and crossing into oncoming traffic, before striking and going over a Porsche traveling in the opposite direction, killing both passengers.

Two witnesses were traveling in a car group with the Porsche on a road tour trip. One was a Federal Police Officer with Arches National Park who was able to assess the individuals in the Porsche as well as Matheson once he exited his Ford F-150 Truck.

The other witness from the car group was able to provide police with dash cam footage showing Matheson’s vehicle and the Nissan during the moments before the accident. He was ahead of the Porsche and did not have footage after he had passed the Matheson and the Nissan.

Detective Adam Hickman with UCSO, reported on the gathering of evidence including a warrant given for a blood draw from Matheson. He reported that after the defendant was taken by ambulance from the scene detectives did obtain a warrant for a blood draw. He reported the results showed positive for THC and Metabolite (a substance found in THC.) He said his investigation had not found evidence that Matheson had a medical marijuana card.

One witness had been driving in front of the Nissan and was able to describe the incidents of the accident in great detail. He was one of the first people to approach the Porsche following the accident and reported that he and another witness both believed the occupants were deceased as they approached the car.

Judge Robert Lund has stated that both attorneys now have until Oct. 27 to file briefings and court scheduling will take place following that.