RIVERDALE, Utah (ABC4) — Riverdale police arrested a woman after reports surfaced that she had slept with a 15-year-old employee on at least two occasions.

Jaqualine Gonzales, 29, faces two felony charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. According to probable cause documents, the 15-year-old reported the sexual encounters after Gonzales allegedly threatened him saying that “she knew people.”

Gonzales was arrested on Thursday with a passport in her possession. Court documents stated there were fears that Gonzales was planning to flee to Mexico.

Gonzales is accused of having sexual relations with the boy at least once at Motel 6 on Sept. 6 and then again at the boy’s residence, where she stayed the night. Police say they were told Gonzales “would buy and pay for things” for the victim. She also allegedly gave the boy extra money on his paychecks.

Police were given the boy’s phone to search and found a picture that was supposedly Gonzales exposing herself. The boy told police he and Gonzales talked over social media and their phones. The boy said that he had also been sent nude videos and photos.

Gonzales was arrested at her residence on Thursday.