CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — Another fire at Cedar Spring Condominiums in Centerville has left families without homes and neighbors with questions about safety.

A woman who spoke with ABC4 going only by the name Melissa said she called 911 when the fire broke out early Sunday morning. In all, eight units were affected by Sunday’s fire and 23 people have been displaced. The cause of the fire is unknown at this hour, but no injuries were reported.

But it’s not even the first time Melissa has witnessed a fire at the complex. Almost a year ago to the day, a fire broke out in her building, which is across from the building that burned on Sunday night. In fact, she said this weekend’s fire is the third in the last three years.

Another neighbor, who declined to be interviewed on camera, reported six fires since she moved in 10 years ago. It’s a situation that has residents fearful of what could happen to them.

“I don’t know,” said Melissa. “I think for me it’s just supporting my neighbors and we need to work together to do as much as we can and get through it and support each other.” 

The complex’s homeowners’ association told ABC4 that a smoking ban was recently put into place to improve safety. Both residents and the HOA told ABC4 that a meeting is set later in the week for residents to find out what’s next.

Meanwhile, the American Red Cross came in to try to help residents displaced by this weekend’s fire.