SOLITUDE, Utah (ABC4) — A new system for parking at Solitude Mountain Resort is coming for the 2023-24 ski season. Soon mountain visitors will be able to reserve parking spots at the resort before they make the trip through Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Beginning on Friday, Dec. 15, visitors to Solitude Mountain Resort will be able to secure a parking spot ahead of time for weekends and holidays. The reserved spaces will be held until 11 a.m. for the fee of $35, or free for cars with four or more people.

“Parking reservations mean guests no longer need to arrive long before the lifts open, fewer cars in the canyon because nobody is being turned away when lots fill and even more traffic flow throughout the day,” said Solitude Mountain Resort President and COO Amber Broadaway. “It’s better for our guests and better for the canyon.”

The new system hopes to alleviate parking anxiety and ease traffic flow and overcrowding for the resort’s most “in-demand” days.

An infographic for the new parking structure at Solitude Mountain Resort (Courtesy: Solitude Mountain Resort)

Parking reservations will be mandatory for holiday periods and weekends. After 11 a.m., parking spaces will become a first-come first-serve available model for $35, or free for cars with four or more people. After 1 p.m., parking will be free as available with no required reservations.

During the week, parking spaces are open availability for $20 for cars with fewer than four people until 1 p.m., when parking becomes free for all.

For those who don’t want to deal with parking at all, Solitude and IKON Pass holders will receive free rides on the UTA Ski Bus. Guests can also use the Solitude Carpool app to find other mountain visitors with available seats looking for a ride.

“We’re grateful to the folks who provided constructive feedback and asked us to explore parking reservations,” continued Broadaway. “This will improve the experience for everyone.”

Solitude estimates that since the 2019 introduction of paid parking, the average number of guests per car has increased to 2.5, and UTA Ski Bus ridership to the resort has increased significantly. The resort said it is committed to making the skiing and snowboarding experience better by encouraging carpooling and public transit.

“Solitude was the first Wasatch Front resort to tackle the issue of traffic congestion several years ago,” said Broadaway. “Numerous other resorts, municipalities, and agencies have followed suit, and we’re proud to work alongside them this season toward fuller vehicles, less stress and a cleaner, safer canyon.”

In addition to Solitude, Brighton Resort is also moving to a parking reservation system for the upcoming season. Brighton says their system will include elements of paid and free parking as well as carpooling incentives.

Parking reservations will be required from open to close on opening day for both the main lot and all snow ramps. Reservation hours will begin at 7 a.m. and end at 1 p.m., which is when parking will shift to as-available for free. Brighton Season Passholders will be able to park for free all season long, but will still be required to make a reservation when parking between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m.