PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — A Provo police report shows Craig Robertson, the man who was shot and killed during an FBI raid in connection with threats to President Biden, had a previous altercation where police said he was “reckless” with his second amendment right.

In the police report obtained by ABC4, Provo police were called to Robertson’s residence in August 2018 after he allegedly threatened two Google Fiber employees with a handgun.

The Google Fiber employees told the Provo Police Department they were there to connect a neighbor with service. They attempted to notify Robertson they would be doing some work in his yard to access the utility pole but Robertson reportedly did not answer the door, according to the police report.

Robertson allegedly came out of his backdoor after the two workers entered his backyard and began getting ready to work. The Google employees said Robertson was yelling and waving a handgun, causing the muzzle to point in their direction. The two promptly left the property and police were called.

When officers arrived, they approached Robertson, who reportedly answered the door with an AR-15 slung on his shoulder and held in one hand. At first, Robertson refused to put the rifle down, but the officer said he was able to defuse the situation.

Robertson told Provo Police he was on his way to answer the door when he heard his side gate into his backyard opening. Robertson said he felt the employees, who at the time did not recognize as Google employees, were trespassing on his property. According to the police report, Robertson had his handgun, but he “did not wave it around or threaten the [employees] with it.”

The officer said during his conversation with Roberton, he noticed responsible gun behavior, such as keeping his finger on the trigger guard and that Robertson was aware of where his muzzle was and how to control the weapon.

The Provo officer, along with the County Attorney and a Provo Police Sergeant determined Robertson hadn’t committed any crime and was exercising his 2nd Amendment rights. However, the three noted Robertson did not show “good judgment” and was “a little reckless.”

The Google Fiber workers finished their job with police on the scene and there were no other further incidents.