SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Updated design plans for the future of 2100 South in Sugar House have been unveiled by Salt Lake City officials, which would aim to make travel easier for both cars and pedestrians on a road that has consistently been a problem for Salt Lake City commuters.

The proposed redesign would affect 2100 South between 700 East and 1300 East. The city is moving forward with a four-lane road, with a small section of the road narrowing down to two lanes.

  • Plans and details for 2100 South between 700 East and 1300 East in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City.
  • A render of future designs of 2100 South in Sugar House
  • A render of future designs of 2100 South in Sugar House

2100 South would also feature a shared-use path for walking and biking, more greenery with plants and trees, new medians, and improved left turn lanes.

The four-lane concept was one of two concepts being considered by city officials for the 2100 South redesign. The other concept allowed for three lanes for vehicle traffic – one each way and a center turn lane with planted medians. The fourth lane in the unused concept was designated specifically for cyclists.

The proposed design plan merges the two concepts by utilizing the four lanes and shared bike path from the four-lane concept, while including medians and center turn lanes from the three-lane concept.

Sweet Streets, a non-profit organization focused on improving the safety of local streets, said the updated plans missed the mark on an opportunity to create a “second downtown” for Salt Lake City with a “vibrant, walkable atmosphere.”

“Sweet Streets has been following this process closely, connecting the city with residents and business owners who are demanding a pedestrian and transit-centered 2100 South,” said Sweet Streets Board Member Alex Cragun. “The city needs to rethink how it is engaging with residents around street redesign. There has been a pattern of over-promising and under-delivering. It is frustrating to be at this stage of planning, again, with a design that nibbles at the edges of the problem.

According to the project’s website, designs have been driven by community feedback with reportedly over 14,000 comments submitted. Community feedback and engagement continue to be encouraged as the city moves toward a final design with a pair of events in May for the public to learn more about the designs and overall project.

The first will be held on Tuesday, May 16 at Highland High School located at 1700 East and 2100 South from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The second will be held through Facebook Live on Wednesday, May 17 with the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce. More details on the second event will be coming soon.

Posters with project information will also be displayed at Sugar House Rocks on Friday, May 19.

City officials will continue working on the design through to fall 2023, with construction set to begin in spring 2024.