(ABC4) — In celebration of Earth Day, Post Malone called NASA Astronauts aboard the International Space Station, on Expedition 69, to chat with them about their home planet.

On Thursday, NASA posted the video of Post Malone speaking with crew members Stephen Bowen and Woody Hoburg. They spoke about their favorite views of Earth from the station, their changed perspective, and what makes Earth special.

“Post-Malone this is mission control Houston, please call station for a voice check,” the video begins. “Station, station, this is Postie,” Post Malone replies. “Can you hear me? How do you hear me?”

The video shows Stephen Bowen and Woody Hoburg in the space station with grins on their faces. Post Malone begins the conversation by thanking them for taking the time to talk to him.

“I’d imagine you guys up there have the most baller view in the universe,” Post Malone said. He then asked them what weather they can see on Earth from space. Bowen said that looking out the window is his favorite activity to do. “One of the most amazing things you get to watch […] lightning storms, thunderstorms at night are absolutely incredible,” Bowen said.

Post Malone mentioned that this was Bowen’s first time in space and asked him what his first impressions were.

“Before I came up, people told me two things I would notice when I look out the window,” Bowen said. “One is that there are no borders, looking all around the world […] and number two, just how thin the atmosphere is. And both of those things are strikingly true from up here.”

Bowen said he has also noticed how much he loves Earth. “I look down and see all these places that I’ve visited before, that are special to me, or places that in the future I would love to go see.” Bowen said, “Just because of the amazing perspective from up here.”

Post Malone asked them about their perspective on Earth Day, and they said that it’s an amazing planet and that civilization is also amazing.

“We have a super special planet,” Bowen said. “And at the end of my six months, I’m going to be very excited to come home to Earth.”