BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4) — With the vibrant colors of fall painting the landscape, it’s easy to forget that this is the perfect time to start planning for spring. While the leaves are falling and the temperatures are cooling, garden enthusiasts are already thinking ahead to a dazzling spring garden. ABC4’s Nate Larsen recently visited Loveland Gardens in Centerville to uncover all the tips and tricks for preparing your garden for the upcoming season.

At Loveland, they’ve just received their shipment of daffodil and tulip bulbs for fall planting. Right now is the prime time to get your hands dirty before the chill of winter sets in. Katie Hix, Greenhouse Manager at Loveland Gardens, explains, “I know everyone’s enjoying the fall colors and the cool temperatures, but it’s a great time to be thinking about spring, and so you have a lot of options.”

Bulbs need to be planted in the ground now to undergo a necessary chilling period. Katie Hix elaborates, “It’s called vernalization. So, you plant them now, and you can tuck them into the earth, and they’ll stay dormant until temperatures start to warm up. Then, you’ll start to see the foliage and eventually the beautiful blooms.”

Flowering bulbs, such as tulips, are exceptionally well-suited for Utah’s dry climate. Hix says, “Bulbs are really great, especially tulips. They’re actually very drought-tolerant. So, even if we have a dry winter, you can almost guarantee you’ll see vibrant colors in the spring.”

For those eager to add more color to their yards now, consider planting cold-tolerant perennials. Katie Hix recommends mums, saying, “The great thing about mums is that you can plant them now, enjoy the color, and then they’ll come back. They’re perennials, so you can transplant them into your yard. They’ll remain green and beautiful throughout the season and bloom again next fall.”

Aside from mums, there are other perennial options to consider. Hix mentions, “Pansies, cabbage, and ornamental kale are also perennials. Ornamental kale, for instance, thrives in cooler temperatures and adds a lovely touch to your garden in both spring and fall.”

If you’re eager to dive into the world of bulb planting, mark your calendar for next Tuesday, October 10th. Loveland Gardens will be hosting a bulb planting class focusing on a Swedish planting style. It’s an event worth checking out if you’re looking to enhance your gardening skills. Find more information on