DRAPER, Utah (ABC4) – The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority (Land Authority) announced potential “people-focused” plans for the first phase of development at The Point, featuring retail, entertainment, trails, housing, and parks.

The development will be at the heart of The Point, encompassing roughly 100 acres of the 600 that served as the former site of the Utah State Prison. Phase I is said to lay the foundation for “critical backbone infrastructure” for future development.

Over 3,000 multi-family housing units, including affordable housing, will be built in the first phase along with 16 acres of parks, including a Central Park serving as a hub for public gatherings for movies, dining, and ice rinks in the winter. According to the Land Authority, every housing will be within two blocks of a park.

“The Promenade” will serve as the spine of the central development featuring shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and grocery stores. The main street is planned to include biking, walking, and transit options with shared streets.

Other plans include a “Taste of Place” street featuring rooftop eateries, “River-to-Range” trails and walking paths, an entertainment venue that seats approximately 3,000 people, and an “Innovation Row” with pop-up art and retail, and creative rent-a-space.

“We are not wasting any time building what Utahns want at The Point,” said Alan Matheson, The Point executive director. “The phase I development plans reflect robust public feedback and will catalyze future development for years to come.”

The Land Authority said it will further refine development plans and oversee site preparation as demolition of the old prison facilities continues its planned demolition through 2023. Roads and utilities for The Point development are scheduled to start as early as 2024, with buildings to begin construction in 2026.

Demolition of the former Utah State Prison facilities began in late November with the toppling of a guard tower.