PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A tennis coach from Park City high school says she was defending her self and others on the team in her actions, saying she was a victim of aggravated assault after an argument with a student-athlete turned physical in August.

Lani Wilcox, 62, and a student at Park City high school allegedly got into an argument regarding the player’s position on the team and special treatment for the player.

The argument escalated and the student alleges Wilcox got into her face. During the altercation, the student told police she slapped Wilcox, leading to the tennis coach “grabbing her by the neck and placing her in a chokehold.”

Wilcox was arrested by police after the incident, charged with aggravated child abuse, a third-degree felony. Wilcox says she was only attempting to restrain the student and taking “the necessary steps to protect her, her fellow coach, and other Park City High School Tennis players.”

In the alleged events, the student became upset after being told what position she would be playing in an upcoming tennish match. According to court documents, the student reportedly left to the bathroom to call her mom and call down. An hour later, she returned to the court for practice and was allegedly told by Wilcox to leave practice as she was not participating. The student reportedly refused to leave and “became a trespasser,” according to court documents.

The student told police she was getting angrier and trying to stay calm, but as the argument escalted she “burst and slapped [Wilcox],” sparking the altercation to get physical.

Wilcox then attempted to restrain the student, allegedly taking both of them to the ground. While on the ground, Wilcox reportedly struck her head on the ground and suffered a concussion as the student pushed back. In the student’s statement, she told police she was unable to breath during the restraining attempt.

The student was able to break free from Wilcox, and she allegedly “continued her rampage” and admitted to police she “kicked [a male coach] in the groin.”

According to Wilcox in court documents, she was acting in self-defense as she responded to aggravated assault by the student and that she still “posed a danger,” only calming down once the coach informed her police had been contacted.