UPDATE, 4:21 p.m.: Orem Mayor David Young issued the following statement:

When it comes to advocating for Orem families and safeguarding our city, I will not be bullied or intimidated by radical groups who want to push their high-density, anti-family, and anti-police agenda. We will continue to stand against these radical proposals in Orem, and I will not allow this unfortunate incident to divert our focus from our crucial Council agenda. Our goal remains steadfast: creating an environment where families can thrive. We will continue to fight against the effort to bring the  proposed 10,000 apartments on State Street back into the conversation, while maintaining low taxes and fees and supporting our dedicated law enforcement 

My intention in bringing to light the long-standing issues with the Daily Herald’s reporting was to encourage people to rise above the divineness and misinformation that is overshadowing the amazing work of the City Council. As a community, we are better than this and I hope this incident will further serve as a wakeup call for the need for more responsible journalism and for each of us to work together with greater civility and unity.

David Young, Orem Mayor – 9/20/23

ORIGINAL POST: OREM, Utah (ABC4) — An Orem citizen faces five charges after a video showed them slapping and spitting on Orem Mayor David Young Tuesday night outside of the city council meeting.

Linnea Geraldine Pugmire, 31, of Orem, faces charges of assault, disorderly conduct, propelling a bodily substance, and two counts of threatening an elected official.

Video shared on Facebook showed a verbal altercation between Pugmire, the mayor, and other bystanders about news coverage by Provo’s Daily Herald’s Provo, Orem & Faith Reporter Genelle Pugmire. In the video, Linnea Pugmire refers to Genelle Pugmire as their mother, which the Daily Herald confirmed for ABC4, though they declined to make any other statements. Orem officials have confirmed that the figure in the Facebook video is Mayor Young.

In a statement about the incident, the City of Orem said the following: “We are deeply troubled by this incident because City Hall should be a place for civil civic dialogue where everyone feels safe and protected. The security and safety of our public officials is a top priority. The City of Orem will continue to promote civility at all times and ask for the public to join us in this effort.”

Shortly before the two-minute mark in the video, Linnea Pugmire is seen taking a swing at Young.

“Your mom went over the top in this article,” Young was saying in the video immediately before the alleged assault. “She’s gone over the top in every article I’ve pulled out, but the one this weekend, where she’s talking about my wife–”

Linnea Pugmire was then seen yelling, “Do not talk about my mother.”

“Tell your mother to stop talking about me,” retorted Young.

In the city council meeting just prior to the alleged assault, Young called out multiple articles by Genelle Pugmore, calling them “extremely off the rails.”

In the probable cause statement, Linnea Pugmire “admitted to being upset at the mayor over personal concerns with family. Linnea Pugmire stated [they] confronted the mayor and during this time ‘may have’ slapped him and spit at him.”

Officers said — and the video shows — Linnea Pugmire also appears to have assaulted a second person, who was not officially identified. She was booked into the Utah County Jail Tuesday night.