OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — Ogden Police say a man responsible for stabbing another man after an altercation Thursday admitted to the attack.

Michael Acevedo, 31, faces a charge of murder and a charge of unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, according to the probable cause statement from the 2nd District Court in Ogden. Acevedo allegedly stabbed the man in the 200 block of W. 33rd St. in Ogden, and he was booked into the Weber County Jail Thursday night.

Police said security camera footage from near the scene showed Acevedo and the victim arguing on the sidewalk.

“At one point,” the PC statement reads, “the victim grabs his bicycle and advances toward [Acevedo] in a somewhat aggressive [manner] but does not strike [Acevedo]. [Acevedo] grabs the victim and shoves him away, then draws a knife from his person and brandishes it in his right hand while continuing to argue with the other male.”

The victim allegedly tried to leave the scene, but was grabbed his collar. Police noted Acevedo had around a seven-inch height advantage over the victim. The victim allegedly stepped toward Acevedo to punch him when Acevedo stabbed the victim in the face. He held the knife in the victim’s face for “a few seconds” before stabbing him an additional seven times in the “face, neck and upper torso.

“[Acevedo] then walks away, and the victim can be seen attempting to stand up, but loses a large amount of blood very quickly and falls down as he appears to lose consciousness,” states the probable cause document.

Acevedo placed the knife under a rock, but he later told police where to find it.

Acevedo allegedly told police the victim had made statements during their argument about having a gun, though no gun was seen in any video or was found on the victim’s person. Acevedo told police the two had been having issues over the last month, and Acevedo felt the need to “end the threat.”

Acevedo admitted to the stabbing but said he “blacked out” after the first attack, and didn’t know how many stab wounds the victim had. He also told police he knew he wasn’t supposed to have a weapon on him, as he is on “pre-trial supervision stemming from a domestic violence incident.” He claimed to use the knife primarily for work, but also admitted he is currently unemployed. He also allegedly told police he hoped the victim would survive so he would remember not to “f**k with” Acevedo in the future.

The victim was in critical condition Thursday night, according to the documents. Police asked that Acevedo not be allowed out on bail, noting he had made statements about wanting to return to Florida “as soon as he can.” Police also stated Acevedo had been involved in several altercations in the area recently.