SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – The Great Salt Lake’s official website got a refresh, putting all of the lake’s information from history to conservation efforts into one easy-to-find and easy-to-identify place.

The new website works to answer any questions Utahns or lake-interested individuals may have.

The website provides information on how the lake influences Utah’s air, its wildlife, and its industry. The extent of the Great Salt Lake’s impact on the State of Utah is immense, and the new website paints the entire picture.

“Great Salt Lake contributes $1.9 billion to Utah’s economy annually (adjusted for inflation from 2012) and provides over 7,700 jobs,” reads the website. “It also contributes 5-10% to the lake effect snow that supports the ski industry, which includes another 20,000 jobs and an additional $1.2 billion.”

In addition to the beautiful history of the lake, the new website also shares the grim future of a Utah without the lake. Without the lake, Utah and the mountain west region could see more dust, poor air quality, less snow, and less wildlife due to habitat loss.

Thankfully, the website provides resources. One tab details the actions different agencies are taking to save the lake, including legislative actions.

Another tab gives visitors a list of ways they can help by getting involved and making a difference, whether that’s personal water conservation efforts, or volunteering in various projects to help save the lake or wildlife.

To learn more about the Great Salt Lake, it’s impact, and how to help preserve and restore the lake, visit the new Great Salt Lake website.