SANDY, Utah (ABC4) — A road rage incident occurred in Cottonwood Heights on Saturday, July 29, which saw hostile motorcyclists allegedly attacking a truck while also attempting to assault its passengers.

The altercation took place at approximately 9:30 a.m. near 7200 S Union Park Avenue when a pair of male motorcyclists and a female passenger reportedly pulled alongside a truck with two women inside, then allegedly spent several minutes beating on the truck, pulling on the steering wheel, attempting to grab the driver, and finally punching off the driver’s side mirror before speeding away.

“What made me feel most in danger was the pure anger,” says Ashleigh Fletcher-Garcia, the driver of the truck. “That could have been a serious accident.”

During this incident, the motorcyclists were allegedly yelling several derogatory terms at the two women regarding their sexual orientation.

Sergeant Young with Cottonwood Heights Police Department believes that this road rage was likely due to a brief moment prior when the truck made an evasive maneuver into the motorcyclist’s lane to avoid collision with another vehicle.

“A car swerved into her lane, and she took evasive action and swerved into the lane next to her. There happened to be two motorcyclists in that lane… They took offense to her, got very angry, and she had a brief exchange with the two riders.”

While the victims were able to take multiple photos of the suspects, both motorcycles were without license plates and the riders were wearing helmets and gloves that concealed their identities before leaving the scene.

On the heels of this recent road rage, Ashleigh shares a message for fellow motorists:

“People have got to calm down on the roads. We’ve got to stop, and we’ve got to care about each other… Please learn from my experience and don’t make the situation worse.”

To further prevent instances like this from happening, Sgt. Young also suggests that drivers avoid escalating a road rage altercation, as well as not taking these instances personally.

According to the Cottonwood Heights Police Department, no suspects are in custody as of yet. Sgt. Young states, “We are still unknown where the suspects are and have no further leads on this.”

If you have any further information on the suspects seen in the pictures, contact Cottonwood Heights PD via their non-emergency dispatch line at (801) 840-4000.