HEBER, Utah (ABC4) — A fatal motorcycle accident earlier this month left five children without their parents.

According to the victim’s family, Jeff and Melinda Romney were traveling from Midway to Heber on Highway 40 when they were T-boned and thrown from their vehicle. The couple was reportedly life-flighted to University Medical Center, where they later passed away.

Severin Sorensen, Jeff’s brother-in-law, said the family is devastated

“Life is precious and fragile. It can change in an instant,” he said.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the Romney children to help pay for direct care and living expenses, education, recreational activities, future milestones, and administrative costs. Among Jeff and Melinda’s surviving children are Taygen, 13, and Jayde, 11.

“This is all about the kids. It’s only about the kids … [The GoFundMe is] designed to be a help and an aid their life,” Sorensen said.

Through the GoFundMe, Sorensen hopes Taygen and Jayde’s dreams can “come to fruition.”

“Every donation brings us closer to shaping a future filled with hope, love, and the reassuring embrace of a community that stands together in adversity,” he said.

While Sorensen said no funds can replace having parents there, he said the goal is to “put our arms around these kids and to love them and to cherish them and really try to do something for them they can’t,” he said. “Sometimes in life, we have to be God’s angels.”