SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Missing 15-year-old Paightyn Jones, who came to Salt Lake City to go to a treatment center, has been found, according to her mother.

Paightyn Jones, 15, went missing Friday, Aug. 28, after leaving a hotel she was staying at with her mother.

She reportedly used her mother’s phone to call an Uber and went to a local Walmart, where she was seen on security footage with a man. Police have since identified the individual she was with, who is not a suspect at this time.

Kelli said that Paightyn had been in treatment, but that they planned to transfer her to another center in Reno, Nevada. “She’s had a lot of struggles, but she’s a really, really sweet child. She’s, you know, one of my best friends and she means well, she’s just sick. She’s not a bad person trying to get good. She’s a sick person that needs to get well,” Kelli said.

“I am so blessed by the Salt Lake community,” Kelli said. “I am so impressed with the help from the police department, news teams and citizens of this city. You all should be so proud to call this your city. Thank you for helping a stranger from Dallas help find her daughter. We are grateful to get her home and the help she needs.”

This is a developing story. ABC4 will provide updates as they become available.