MILLCREEK, Utah (ABC4) –A homeowner in the Millcreek area is still trying to find out what happened to her front yard last week. 

Jane Memmott is a resident of 5 years and says that her mature trees were cut down without her permission. She’s been reaching out to neighbors and local law enforcement to try and figure out how this happened.   

Memmott says there must have been a mix-up in the address where she didn’t want her trees removed. “I was horrible, it broke my heart, I felt like one of my pets had died,” said Memmott, “I didn’t want my trees gone; I love my trees.” 

Memmott first noticed the mistake on Friday morning. She was distraught when she saw that all but one of her five trees in the front yard were cut down.

 “I came home really late Thursday night, last week, and didn’t notice that the trees were gone because it was dark, next morning my son came over and we were going to buy appliances, and he goes, “Mom where are your trees?!” and I said, ‘What?!” and I went out and the trees were gone,” said Memmott.  

Jane has reached out to her close neighbors to see if anyone may have seen who did it. “I’m doing construction on my home right now and there [are] always trucks coming and going so I think they just assumed it’s part of my remodel,” said Memmott.   

One of Jane’s neighbors a few houses down, Elise Williams, said she saw work trucks at the house late last week. “They got this construction going on, so I didn’t think anything of it,” said Williams.  

Her online post to Nextdoor has received a lot of attention as well. But so far, no real answers. Memmott says, “People have been really, really, sweet and kind and given me lots of suggestions, good, bad, and indifferent, but I do appreciate all that it did make me feel like I’m not totally alone.” 

Jane reached out to the local police department and said they came to look at the property. She says they determined it wasn’t larceny, and it’s a civil case – so it’s up to her to find out who did it. 

Jane also shared with me the only lead she has right now been that a Hispanic man, who she thinks is in his 60s, came to her door a few weeks back saying he was there to remove her trees. She told the man she didn’t want her trees removed, and that he had the wrong house. He was driving an unmarked black pickup truck.   

“I hope that whoever owns the company would come forward and talk to me and replace some of the trees that they tore down, I don’t think it’s going to happen but if it did it would be really nice,” says Memmott.  

Jane says that she’s already reached out to a local landscaper about replacing the trees. She reports that estimates to replace her mature tree have been as much as $6,000. 

You can follow her progress here.