SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Residents in the Granary District of Salt Lake City woke up to find a new “protector” over their neighborhoods — and he goes by the name of Hoodah.

Woodworker Garth Franklin managed to install the 15-foot tall, 15-foot wide wooden sculpture almost overnight along the train tracks along 400 West and 700 South. He said his creation is a giant troll and is here to look over the neighborhood. Franklin told he’s worked in the neighborhood for almost a decade and he’s seen a lot of changes in his time.

Hopefully, he’s here forever,” said Franklin. “You know, it’s something to brighten people’s day, for people to make a relationship with. Just to bring some character and some liveliness to the neighborhood.

Tim Dwyer, who is both the co-owner for Fisher Brewing Co. and a board member of the Granary Alliance, said Hoodah also represents the neighborhood’s “maker, industrial character.”

“We’re in a neighborhood that has historically been for manufacturing, and we’re pleased that Hoodah also represents that part of the neighborhood as well,” said Dwyer.

Dwyer said Hoodah is also the mascot of an upcoming neighborhood festival, called — you guessed it — Hoodah Fest.

Normally, Franklin builds furniture in a shop on the same block as Hoodah. Unfortunately, the ceiling of Franklin’s shop is only 12 feet high, so Hoodah had to be built in sections and put together with a glue gun.