WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) — The South Jordan man whose home was full of explosives, prompting the evacuation of 600 homes and a police standoff in 2020, was sentenced today, Sept. 19.

Ryan Lynn McManigal was sentenced to approximately 11 years to life in prison likely depending on his behavior in prison, according to court officials. Taking into account the time he has already spent in custody, the sentence could be as short as eight years.

McManigal was found guilty of two counts of assault on a peace officer and six counts of weapons of mass destruction in July three years after he was arrested in 2020.

McManigal’s arrest came after he made threats to the owner of a local Culver’s and shot out street lights with an AR-style rifle. He then got into a standoff with police when they tried to gain entry to his home. Court documents say McManigal had admitted to shooting his gun at police until his gun jammed and he surrendered.

After his arrest, police found 20 pounds of explosive material which led to the large-scale evacuation of 600 homes and 30 businesses in the surrounding 1,000-foot radius around the home. Court documents described McManigal’s home as a “literal minefield.

One court official said it is likely that McManigal will be given a rehearing in about 60 months, where they will likely determine a possible release date depending on how well he performs in the prison programs and his behavior with other inmates.