SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The man who ran over and killed a 13-year-old boy last year has been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison on Monday, Jan. 23.

Mason Andrew Ohms, 50, struck Eli Mitchell of West Jordan last April when the boy was riding his bike home. Ohms was sentenced today to one to 15 years in prison for automobile homicide and another zero to five years for leaving the scene of an accident involving death. The two sentences will run consecutively.

“I feel like we are now able to move on to the next step,” said Jeremy Mitchell, Eli’s father. “It’s a sad day for both families… Now the healing process can finally take place.”

Ohms pleaded guilty to second-degree felony criminal homicide, automobile homicide, and third-degree felony leaving the scene of an accident involving death on Nov 29, 2022.

“To be honest, I’m sad for our family and for Mason Ohms’ family, but I’m super grateful to the judge,” said Lisa Mitchell, Eli’s mother.

“Eli lived big,” she added. “He did not waste time. He just got so much into his 13 years. I think for me, when I get super sad — which is often, I try to think, ‘Would Eli want me to be super sad?’ And he would not want [that]. He would want me to find joy. He would want me to live my best life for as long as I’ve got.”

On April 26, 2022, Ohms hit and ran over Eli as he was riding his bike home from a local grocery store, court records state. Ohms was driving south on 1510 West, waiting for a red light to change so he could make a right-hand turn onto 9000 South.

When Eli entered the crosswalk, Ohms “accelerated hard into his right turn,” hitting the boy with the front and back tires of his car.

Ohms continued driving after the accident, with Eli’s bike wedged beneath his Chevy Silverado pickup truck. Witnesses say Ohms drove a short distance down 9000 South, made a U-turn and came back to the scene. Instead of stopping, Ohms turned left onto 1510 West and drove into a parking lot.

He then got out of his car, dislodged the bike from his truck, discarded it behind a business, and continued driving down 1510 West.

When initially questioned by police, Ohms said, “I felt a bump and did not know what it was,” court records state.

Eli died from his injuries at a local hospital the same night.