TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — After a man was arrested on Saturday for assault, officers discovered the man has been using a fake ID and is wanted by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Roberto Arce Ramirez, 51, was arrested for two counts of identity fraud, false evidence of title and registration, obstruction of justice, false personal information with the intent to be another actual person, assault, and consuming liquor in a public place.

According to arresting documents, Ramirez allegedly assaulted a person on Friday in Taylorsville. When officials attempted to contact him at his workplace, he hid from them.

The following day, on Saturday, May 20, officers were able to locate Ramirez consuming alcohol in public. When Ramirez was detained, he admitted to assault, and leaving the scene when he knew police were looking for him.

Ramirez reportedly provided false information to the police about his identity. Ramirez has been using the information of a person likely deceased in Mexico for at least two years. He obtained a social security number in the false name, registered a vehicle in the name, obtained a job in the false name, and obtained a false ID. He admitted to using the false name because he was previously deported.

Following this discovery, officials found out that Ramirez was wanted by ICE on NCIC with an outstanding warrant for a second-degree felony in 2012. ICE was contacted by officers and confirmed that Ramirez was wanted by them.

Taylorsville Police Department is requesting no bail as they believe he would be likely to flee the jurisdiction if released on bail.

“[Ramirez] is a deported felon who is here illegally and has been fraudulently using another person’s name and social security number,” the arrest record states. “[He] has demonstrated he will go to great lengths, including identity fraud to avoid authorities and prevent them from knowing his real identity.”