AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4) — A Wyoming man was arrested in Utah after calling 911 for a tow truck, carjacking a vehicle and telling the victim they were going to die, running on I-15 on foot, and exposing his genitals, among other acts.

Antoine Screve, 29, was arrested on the offenses of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony; robbery, a second-degree felony; damaging a jail, a third-degree felony; failure to stop at the command of a law officer, a class A misdemeanor; property damage or destruction, a class B misdemeanor; interference with an arresting officer, a class B misdemeanor; lewdness, a class B misdemeanor; and emergency reporting abuse; a class B misdemeanor; among several infractions.

On Aug. 23, the Utah County Attorney’s Office said Screve called 911 repeatedly to request that his vehicle be towed, saying his tires had puncture marks from people stabbing them. Officers said they found no visible damage but offered to help change his tires.

Screve refused, insisting his vehicle be towed, and then told officers his engine was on fire, according to court documents.

Officers said they warned Screve about calling 911 for non-emergency purposes and offered to write the non-emergency dispatch number down for him, but Screve declined.

Officers left the scene but were quickly informed that Screve had called 911 again, according to court documents. Dispatch reportedly transferred the call to one of the responding officers, who said that Screve seemed confused — denying having spoken with the officers previously.

Officers said they believed Screve’s behavior was a sign of a mental health crisis, although Screve said that was not true. Screve seemed to be getting more agitated, according to officers, so they drove back toward the scene.

The first officer to arrive said they saw Screve walking in the middle of an intersection, “flailing his arms in the sky and yelling,” according to court documents.

That officer then said they saw Screve approach a passenger car and get into the rear driver’s seat of the victim’s vehicle.

A second officer, who was still on the phone with Screve, told him to get out, according to court documents. The officer then said he heard Screve telling the victim to go faster — that they were going to die.

According to the victim, Screve told them that he was unarmed, but that he needed to get to the closest police station. The victim then told officers that Screve told them to drive off the main road and into a neighborhood. When the victim refused, Screve reportedly grabbed their phone and threw it out of the vehicle.

Officers said Screve stopped acknowledging them on the phone at this point.

An officer following the victim’s vehicle initiated a traffic stop, according to court documents. When the victim pulled over, Screve reportedly got out of the vehicle and tried to get into a second vehicle, however, that driver took off before he could get in.

Screve then reportedly fled to a nearby backyard. Officers chased him, telling him to stop, but he claimed a wall and got onto I-15 on foot, according to court documents. Screve was reportedly running north on the shoulder of the southbound traffic but knelt down and put his hands in the air, according to officers.

He resisted arrest, and it reportedly took multiple officers to lift him into the backseat of the car.

While inside the patrol car, Screve reportedly hit both windows with the handcuffs, despite multiple instructions to stop. Officers said he damaged the tint on both of the rear windows of the patrol car.

The officer stopped and other officers responded to further restrain him, according to court documents. When they opened the back driver-side door of the patrol car, Screve had reportedly pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees, exposing his genitals.

Officers took Screve to a hospital where he was medically cleared before being taken to jail, according to court documents.