SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A man has been arrested after allegedly peering through a home’s windows, then fighting with a police officer and attempting to take his gun.

David Glen Moosman, 45, faces a first-degree felony charge of disarming a police officer and a class B misdemeanor of interference with an arresting officer.

On Tuesday, June 6, a deputy with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, while on a drone assignment, reported seeing a man looking through property into the back of a home near Oak Rd. in Coalville. The deputy said the man, later identified as Moosman, was on a bike and believed he was committing a crime. After landing the drone, the deputy moved to approach Moosman.

According to a booking affidavit, Moosman was wearing a hoodie that covered his face and mouth and refused to provide ID when the deputy asked. Moosman allegedly shifted his hoodie and flashed a gun, claiming the deputy was spying on him. The affidavit said the deputy then drew his gun and grabbed Moosman by his hoodie.

The deputy reportedly told him not to touch his weapon or he would shoot him, to which Moosman allegedly replied that he wouldn’t. When the officer told Moosman he needed to secure his gun, Moosman refused.

“I told him several times that I needed to secure his weapon but he continued to refuse,” wrote the deputy in his affidavit. “It became apparent that he wouldn’t surrender the weapon voluntarily. I quickly holstered my weapon and used both hands to take him off his feet onto the ground.”

The deputy removed Moosman’s gun and tossed it aside before asking some bystanders to secure the gun in his car, according to the affidavit. The deputy’s struggle with Moosman allegedly continued with Mooman attempting to reach for the deputy’s gun.

According to the affidavit, the deputy warned Moosman if he tried to reach for his gun again he would shoot him. The deputy was eventually able to take Moosman into custody.

One of the nearby bystanders reportedly confirmed with the deputy that he thought Moosman was going to grab his gun.