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LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – A Logan man was sentenced to at least five years in a Utah State Prison after pleading guilty to smothering a baby girl in December 2018.

Kyle Taylor Gooch, now-33, pleaded guilty to child abuse homicide in early April. As part of a plea deal, the charge was amended from a capital felony to a first-degree felony. Gooch received his sentencing on May 1.

In July 2019, Gooch was charged with the murder of a 12-month-old infant girl, Kynlee Jo Corbridge, after she was found dead in her crib, tightly swaddled in a large blue blanket. Police said there were several signs of trauma, including bruising on her head, ears, and red abrasions on her face.

Gooch told police he had swaddled Kynlee the night before “like a burrito” after the girl’s mother had left to run an errand and she began screaming hysterically. Kynlee was found dead in her crib the following day when the mother became worried that she had not woken up yet.

A medical examiner said Kynlee had 13 different blunt force injuries to the head and two blunt force injuries to her torso. The examiner stated the bruises and injuries were consistent with “inflicted pressure” that might occur with smothering. The new injuries reported were also said to be consistent with “undisclosed trauma” that occurred at the time of death. The medical examiner determined that Kynlee’s cause of death could possibly include intentional smothering and accidental asphyxia.

A doctor with Safe and Healthy Families told police the injuries were indicators of physical abuse and the injuries were likely non-accidental.

Gooch was also facing several other charges including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, criminal mischief, violation of a protective order, and assault by a prisoner. All those charges were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

Gooch was also found guilty of misdemeanor assault and violation of a protective order, for which he was sentenced to 544 days in jail. He was awarded credit for time served and the jail sentence was suspended.