EMIGRATION CANYON, Utah (ABC4) – A local emergency has been declared in Emigration Canyon Metro Township after flooding led to numerous mudslides, avalanches, and damaged homes.

The declaration of a local emergency was signed into place by Emigration Canyon Metro Township Mayor Joe Smolka on Thursday morning. In a release, city officials said the winter snowpack and geography of the township place residents and property at a significantly elevated risk to human life, property, and structures.

Mayor Smolka reported the flooding and warming temperatures have caused up to 15 mudslides that blocked roadways, including a “significant” mudslide in the Skycrest Canyon area that is currently being cleaned up. The Emigration Canyon area has also experienced several avalanches and roof snow slides that have blocked part of the roads.

According to Smolka’s report, two homes along the creek had been damaged amid the disasters. One of them is reported to have suffered significant damages while the other only received minor damages.

Emigration Canyon Road has been closed periodically at the mouth of the canyon, but is regularly open to residents. Metro Township officials are asking the public to stay away from the area until the situation is under control.

Earlier today, the Salt Lake County Mayor, Jenny Wilson, declared a State of Emergency for the county as floods affect not only Emigration Canyon but Sugar House as well.

Utah’s flooding was sparked after a rapid warm-up to 83 degrees in the Salt Lake area began melting the historic snowpack from the last winter season. The National Weather Service said the cool down from a storm front that moved into the state on Thursday will help stabilize and slow down the flooding, but more warm weather is expected to arrive next week and raise local flooding concerns one more.