FARNSWORTH PEAK, Utah (ABC4) — In honor of Dean Davidson, a beloved member of the ABC4 team who passed away Friday, broadcast engineers across the state are lighting Farnsworth Peak tonight, Apr. 9, at 8 p.m.

This Easter Sunday, family, friends, and broadcast engineers will be honoring Davidson with a “fitting tribute”—the lighting of Farnsworth Peak, named after Philo T. Farnsworth, the father of television.

Farnsworth Peak (Courtesy of Patrick Gleason)

The majority of all Utah TV and radio comes from a DTV transmission facility located on the peak. During his time at ABC4, Davidson was a part of the collaborative team at the DTV facility that included chief engineers from multiple stations.

DTV Utah Mountain Top Engineers will be lighting the peak to honor Davidson who has kept ABC4 on the air over the past decade.

“I have a feeling Dean will be watching. A fitting tribute for sure,” ABC4’s Vice President and General Manager Mark Danielson said.

Davidson served as the lead of KTVX’s and KUCW’s technical and engineering team. While a broadcast engineer by trade, he is best known by viewers for his singing quartet which was featured many times on air.

Farnsworth Peak in the Oquirrh Mountain range to the southwest of Salt Lake City. The peak will be lit in honor of Dean Davidson tonight, Apr. 9. (Courtesy of Google Maps)

Davidson passed away suddenly on Friday, Apr. 7, while on a family vacation in Utah.

To view the lighting, look toward the northern end of the Oquirrh Mountain range, southwest of Salt Lake City.