FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4) — After a long wait, Lagoon is opening the newest roller coaster on Friday, Sept. 15. Primordial, described as a one-of-a-kind interactive roller coaster, will officially open its doors to guests.

Meaning “existing at or from the beginning of time,” Primordial is set in a realm of the distant past with a storyline that will take thrillseekers on a journey that Lagoon says is “completely original and unlike anything you have ever seen on any attraction before.”

The roller coaster is a 3D experience that reaches 40 miles per hour and offers a total ride time of just under five minutes. For context, Cannibal, Lagoon’s newest roller coaster before Primordial, has a ride time of two minutes and 30 seconds, and Colossus the Fire Dragon has a ride time of one minute and 45 seconds.

With multiple endings, there is plenty of reason to jump back in line as often as possible. Korvin, an early Primordial rider, has already been through the ride twice. He told ABC4 he got a different ending each time.

When asked about his favorite thing about the new roller coaster he said, “Probably that it ended multiple ways.”

His younger sister, Evoleht, enthusiastically agreed that she would be riding it again, but she wouldn’t be recommending it to her friends.

“Because it’s a secret,” Evoleht said before agreeing that she wanted to keep the line shorter so she could ride it again more often.

Lagoon’s newest ride Primordial is set in a realm of the distant past with a storyline that will take thrillseekers on a journey. (Derick Fox, ABC4)

Lagoon officials said Primordial has been in development, from concept to finish, since 2015. It was announced to the public in fall 2022 with a teaser filled with flames, dragons and an owl as part of the theme. Originally slated to open in spring, it has been nearly a year since the initial teaser announcement for Primordial to open its doors to the public, and for good reason.

2023 Season Passport holders are invited to get an exclusive ride opportunity while the park is closed to the general public. Passport holders can make reservations online for an “exclusive, one-time” ride experience.

The interactive experience gives riders a unique fun-filled time that makes the nearly five-minute runtime go by almost too quickly. Those with a competitive edge will want to get back line again and aim for the “Hall of Fame.” What does that mean? Lagoon officials want it be kept as a surprise for everyone to experience Primordial the way it was meant to be.

Lagoon officials said reservations will be open on select work days through the end of the season. All other guests, such as single-day passport visitors, can ride during operational hours.

For more information on tickets or for reservations visit Lagoon Amusement Park’s website.